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Alloy is a solid solution or the combination of two or more chemical elements, one of which comprises metallic properties.

Elements are alloyed with metals to enhance their properties, usually to improve their strength. In addition, because the mixture is not pure metal, it cannot reach a melting point, as typical metals do, although the mixture will undergo liquid and solid phases. Metals such as steel and stainless steel are commonly alloyed with carbon.

By alloying a metal with an element, materials and components of construction equipment are made that much stronger. Alloyed metals are commonly used on drill bits, enabling them to penetrate, break, and bore holes in the hardest rocks, concrete, or other materials.

Examples of metal alloys include: steel, pewter, cast iron, nonmagnetic steel, chromium steel, tungsten-chromium-cobalt, tungsten steel, and white gold.[1]

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