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Associated Construction Publications’ (ACP) national network of 14 regional publications has been dedicated to heavy, highway and non-residential construction for more than 100 years. ACP editorial is about the construction process from bidding the job through its completion. The information focuses on how contractors use equipment, material, and services to get the job done profitably and on time. ACP has grown from isolated regional publications to a comprehensive print and electronic based information resource serving the US construction market.

[edit] History

The first two publications, Construction Bulletin and California Builder and Engineer began publication in 1893, but were not tied to each other. In 1901 Midwest Contractor started covering the Midwestern construction market; Pacific Builder and Engineer and Western Builder showed up on the jobsite in 1902. In 1907 Michigan Contractor and Builder made its entry into the market.

The next group of publications didn’t appear until 1923 when Texas Contractor rolled off the presses. Three years later Construction Digest, Dixie Contractor and Rocky Mountain Construction hit contractors’ desks with their local coverage of the construction market. In 1933 Construction started its coverage of the Middle Atlantic States; in 1934 Construction News appeared in the Mid-South and in 1936 New England Construction started its coverage of the New England market. The last of the 14, Constructioneer started its career in 1945.

It was in 1934 that several leading construction equipment manufacturers approached the owners of the then-totally independent publications with the proposition that it would be a lot easier to do business with them if they could be dealt with as a single unit. This opened the door for negotiations between the then-existing owners who formed the group known as the Associated Construction Publications. The magazines remained independently owned until 1997 when they were acquired by Construction Market Data Group.

Today ACP is a business unit of Reed Construction Data, provider of critical data to all members of the building team throughout the construction life cycle. This data includes project news, plans and specifications, building product information and cost information.

The parent company of Reed Construction Data is Reed Business Information, a provider of business information. Its products include more than 130 business-to-business publications, over 115 websites and a range of services including web development, custom publishing, research, business lists and industry events.

ACP’s group of 14 publications reports on the construction industry in the United States through a network of locally based editors. ACP has built one of the world’s largest editorial staffs devoted to this market sector and has built a combined BPA audited and requested circulation of more than 100,000 subscribers. Eleven of the 14 magazines are published twice monthly and three are published weekly.

In keeping with today’s trends and developments, ACP has established its online presence through where contractors can visit for the latest in construction news, new product information & local project news.

ACP’s editorial approach to the market focuses on construction as a process from finding and bidding on a job through landing, staffing and equipping it and managing the project through its completion. This is accomplished through the use of regional job or site stories as well as application pieces that focus on the contractor and how he manages his operation.

ACP developed Heavy Construction Weekly, a weekly newsletter, to keep contractors and others, informed of industry developments and trends as they unfold. Delivered weekly, Heavy Construction Weekly focuses on the heavy, highway, and non-residential construction industry. Each issue is written by the ACP editorial staff, which is locally based and construction focused. As it has been for more than a century, ACP continues its commitment to providing the construction community the latest industry information.

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