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Athey Truss Wheel Company became Athey Products Corporation by 1953. It was headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, as of 1929, and relocated to Wake Forest, North Carolina.

Athey Products Corporation acquired Kolman Manufacturing Company as a division and operated it as Kolman/Athey. By 1975, it had acquired Mobil Sweeper, which became the Mobil Sweeper Division; the Mobil trade name was retained as late as 1987. It also operated an Aluminum Division to produce its bottom dump trailer and dump box lines.

Athey sold its Maintainer product line to Robert A. Hanson Company, Inc., also known as RAHCO, of Spokane, Washington prior to March 2005.

Lee-Boy Manufacturing Company, Inc. acquired the Athey force-feed loader line prior to March 2005, and incorporated the best features of Athey’s design and their own into a new machine.

Athey manufactured a crawler assembly that was widely used for various crawler wagons from the 1930s forward.

Athey end-, bottom- and side-dump wagons were used with wheel tractors from a variety of manufacturers. While Athey wagons are often associated with Caterpillar, they were also used with John Deere, MRS, Clark Michigan, Terex and Wabco prime movers. Bottom-dump wagons were also built for Caterpillar, International Harvester and Wabco Haulpak.

Athey model nomenclature for many rubber-tired wagons indicated the type of wagon—PD for side dump wagon, PR for end dump rock wagon and PW for bottom dump wagon—and the model of wheel tractor, or prime mover, for which they were built. Wagons could be used with other tractors than those for which they were designed; at California’s Trinity Dam in the late 1950s, Athey PW20 wagons were used with Caterpillar DW20 prime movers and International Harvester PH95 off highway end-dumps that had been converted to off-highway truck tractors. This nomenclature was partially discontinued by 1974.

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