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A ball-peen hammer is a hammer specially designed for pounding and shaping metal objects such as swords and knives. It differs from a claw hammer in that one end of the hammer is ball-shaped and the other end is cylindrical. The ball-shaped end of the hammer is used to straighten and soften metal and the straighter end for striking punches and chisels. The hammer functions as a chisel and a punch where an automatic punch is not applicable. The rounded or crowned end of the hammer makes it suitable for working any metal without marking it up.

Ball-peen hammers, cross peen hammers, and straight peen hammers are different variations of peen hammers used in metal peening. Peening, no longer used in metal fabrication, is striking welded and riveted metal in order to make it as flexible as the other metals in an object. Also called engineer or machinist hammers, peen hammers usually weigh anywhere from 2 to 48 ounces (57 to 1,361 g).[1]

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