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Bobcat T190 Multi Terrain Loader

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Bobcat Multi Terrain Loaders
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2008 Bobcat T190 Multi Terrain Loader
The Bobcat T190 multi terrain loader has a Kubota V2003T turbocharged, four-cylinder diesel engine producing 66 horsepower. It has an operating weight of 7,775 pounds (3,527 kg). It comes standard with rubber tracks, Bobcat Interlock Control System (BICS), operating lights, suspension seat, engine shutdown, and a Bob-tach attachment system. It is also available with optional joystick controls, air conditioning, cab enclosure, heater, deluxe instrumentation, hydraulic bucket positioning, high flow hydraulics, and a power Bob-tach system. Its hydraulic system delivers fluid at a rate of 16.3 gallons (61.7 L) per minute at a system pressure of 3,300 pounds per square inch (PSI) (22,752.7 kPa).

The T190 has a track gauge of 52.8 inches (135.6 cm) and stands 6.4 feet (1.9 m) tall and 5.7 ft (1.7 m) wide and can reach speeds of 7.1 miles per hour (11.4 km/h). It is compatible with more than 20 Bobcat attachments.