Equipment Specs
2001 Lay-Mor 6HC Ride On Broom
A broom is a cleaning tool used to sweep and collect debris from a surface. A generic household broom consists of stiff fibers (twigs, straw, or bristles) connected to a handle, also known as a broomstick.

For industrial uses, there are mechanical brooms that can clean large surfaces quickly and efficiently. These brooms are made from a variety of materials, including Palmyra fiber, steel, polypropylene, oil tempered wire, and cold rolled steel filaments. They can exist as independent machines, such as street sweepers, or as attachments to loader backhoes, integrated tool carriers, or wheel loaders.

Mechanical brooms have a number of features, including bi-directional bristle rotation, the ability to angle, and brush down-force. They can be controlled hydraulically or manually.

They are ideal for cleaning parking lots, industrial plants, airport runways, streets, driveways, sidewalks and factory floors in construction, industrial, and landscaping applications.