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The Browning Engineering Company was a manufacturer of cranes in the 1900s. The exact date the company was founded is not known—one source claims the company was founded by Victor R. Browning in 1900[1], while another source claims he founded it in 1926.

At various stages of its history, Browning Engineering Company was based in Willoughby, Ohio—in a former brick manufacturing plant—and in Cleveland, Ohio. It also had a factory in Mansfield, Ohio. It had at least five names: The Browning Company; The Browning Crane Company; The Browning Crane & Shovel Company; The Browning Engineering Company; and The Victor R. Browning Company.

The company began manufacturing electric cranes in the early 1900s and continued to expand their crane business until the late 1920s. It later acquired the entire American Clay Machinery Company or only its steam shovel line.

The Ohio Locomotive Crane Company apparently purchased part or all of Browning’s locomotive crane operations.

Browning was still manufacturing overhead cranes in Willoughby when, in August 1990, it sold out to Kranco, Inc. of Houston, Texas, to avoid liquidation. Another citation states that it remained open until 1992.

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