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The Concrete Plant Manufacturers Bureau (CPMB) is an organization with the primary goal of establishing minimum standards for rating concrete plant components in order to protect the user. The CPMB is also in place to provide members the opportunity to come together and discuss common matters of the concrete industry.

Matters with which the CPMB concerns itself include safety, the environment, and proper maintenance and operation procedures of concrete plants.

Members of the CPMB are endorsed by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) as the preferred providers of concrete plants and related equipment that conform to the standards and specifications of the NRMCA’s plant certification program, and to the CPMB’s own standards.[1]

A guiding tenet of the CPMB is that, as a group, the organization has the cohesive power to find solutions that will benefit the industry.


[edit] History

The Concrete Plant Manufacturers Bureau was formed in August 1958 and incorporated in 1961. The initial concept came from the success experienced by the CPMB’s sister organization, the Truck Mixer Manufacturers Bureau (TMMB), founded a decade earlier.

[edit] Charter Group

The organization was started by a group of seven companies: Butler, Heltzel, Nobel, Blaw Knox, Erie Strayer, Rex Chainbelt, and C.S. Johnson; it was led by Bob Heltzel of Heltzel, Ken Kerr of Butler, Ham Strayer of Erie Strayer, Archie Vincent of C.S. Johnson, and Ken Tobin of the National Ready Mixed Association.

[edit] First Meeting

The preliminary meeting of the Concrete Plant Manufacturers Bureau was conducted in 1958 with Bob Heltzel appointed the temporary chairman. In this meeting the group elected Ken Kerr as the first official chairman of the organization—a role the group would alternate between them for the next 13 years. As well, the group began drafting its first standards; the first edition of the CPMB Standards was published on March 1, 1960.[2]

[edit] Beyond the Beginning

The organization began including additional divisions to its operations in the 1960s to ensure various specialized plant elements would be properly represented in the Bureau’s work. In 1965 the Bureau added a plant mixer division—called the Plant Mixer Manufacturers Division—to the group. In 1976 another division, the Control Systems Manufacturers Division, was included. The newest division, the Air Quality Manufactures Division (for dust collection equipment) was added in 2000.

[edit] The Company Today

The CPMB exists today as a successful trade association; the group is often represented at NRMCA functions such as the Operations and Equipment Maintenance Forum, CONEXPO-CON/AGG, and the NRMCA Convention.

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