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Cantilever at the Ordway Building in Oakland, CA
A cantilever is a protruding beam, truss or other similar type structure that is supported only on one end.[1] The load is supported by the other end of the structure or along the length of the structure.[2] The concept of a cantilever is therefore very similar to the idea of a diving board.[3]

The term can also refer to a beam or truss that extends beyond a fulcrum and is supported by a balancing member or downward force behind the fulcrum.[4]

Cantilever applications are used in modern architecture.[5] Though not always structurally efficient, a cantilever permits more freedom with the overall design of a given structure.[6]

Cantilevers were used in bridge design in the first half of the 20th century as a way to resolve the problem of bridges being built with an increasing span distance.[7] A pair of cantilevers positioned back to back is connected with a shorter beam bridge located in between them.[8] Therefore, a cantilever bridge can simply be seen as a modified form of a beam bridge with support being placed midway on the bridge span instead of at the ends.[9]

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