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The Caterpillar 120 motor grader was introduced in 1964 in the USA and Canada. Production began in Brazil in 1986.

[edit] Features

The 120 has a D333 six-cylinder engine producing 115 flywheel horsepower (FWHP). It has a direct drive transmission.

The 120 was manufactured in the USA, with a 89G serial number prefix; in Canada, with a 60H prefix; and in Brazil, with a 4HD prefix.

The 89G has an oil clutch, tandem drive, self-adjusting brakes, and power steering. The 60H has an electric start.

[edit] Modifications

Production of 89G and 60H ended in 1967; they were replaced with two new units. The new American unit has 14K prefix; the new Canadian unit has a 35K prefix. Both units had their horsepower increased to 125 FWHP.

Production of 14K ended in 1969; it was replaced by a new unit, with a 10R prefix. It has a heavier frame.

Production of 35K ended in 1970; it was replaced by a new unit, with a 22R prefix. It has a naturally aspirated engine.

In 1971 Caterpillar introduced another new unit, with a 13U prefix. It has powershift transmission.

In 1971 and 1972 a rollover protection system was added, beginning with 10R02350 and 13U00675.

In 1972 Cat added a sleeve metering fuel system and four-wheel hydraulic brakes, beginning with 10R02882 and 13U00778.

Production of 10R, 13U, and 22R ended in 1974.

Caterpillar introduced the Brazilian unit in 1986, with a 4HD prefix. It is an articulated vehicle with a direct injection engine and powershift transmission.

Production ended in Brazil in 1996.

Based on data from the sales database of Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, it is estimated that more than 14,800 Caterpillar 120 motor graders have been produced.

Highest Serial #
4HD 02840
22R 01082
35K 00483
60H 00900
10R 04058
13U 00894
14K 02259
89G 02310
Total = 14,826