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Caterpillar 324D Hydraulic Excavator

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Caterpillar Hydraulic Excavators
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2007 Caterpillar 324DL
The Caterpillar 324D hydraulic excavator was introduced in 2006 in the USA, Japan, and Belgium.

[edit] Features

The 324D has a Cat C7 engine producing 170 or 190 flywheel horsepower (FWHP).

The 324D was manufactured in the USA, with a JJG serial number prefix; in Japan, with an AWN, BYE, CJX, DFP, or ECH prefix; and in Belgium, with an EJC, LAB, SYM, T2D prefix.

The LAB, SYM, EJC, CJX, ECH, DFP, and JJG units all come standard with an engine fan and cooling package.

The AWN and BYE units come standard with a new operator station and a linkage for a long stick.

The LAB, SYM, EJC, and JJG units all have a long undercarriage. The EJC unit also has a narrow track gauge.

The CJX and ECH units have an air-to-air after-cooler system.

The ECH unit has an operating weight of 56,870 pounds (25,850 kg).

The LAB, SYM, T2D, DFP, and JJG units have an operating weight of 56,210 lbs (25,550 kg).

The EJC unit has an operating weight of 54,780 lbs (24,900 kg).

The BYE unit has an operating weight of 54,230 lbs (24,650 kg).

The CJX unit has an operating weight of 53,460 lbs (24,300 kg).

The AWN unit has an operating weight of 51,590 lbs (23,450 kg).