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Caterpillar 385C Hydraulic Excavator/Front Shovel/Material Handler

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2005 Caterpillar 385CL
The Caterpillar 385C hydraulic excavator/front shovel/material handler was introduced in 2003. It was manufactured in Belgium only.

[edit] Features

The 385C has a Cat C18 air-to-air after-cooled engine with advanced combustion emissions reduction technology (ACERT) producing 523 or 534 horsepower (HP).

The 385C was manufactured in Belgium, with an EDA, EAM, GLT, JCM, KBC, KGB, KKK, MMA, MNZ, SBE, T2E, T2F, or WAW serial number prefix.

The MNZ and SBE units have linkage specs for a general boom and medium stick.

The EAM, GLT, MMA, and T2F are front shovel units with an operating weight of 192,940 pounds (87,700 kg). The MMA unit has a digging depth of 32.4 feet (9.89 m).

The WAW is a material handler unit with a square base frame. It has an operating weight of 202,400 lbs (92,000 kg).

The EDA, KGB, SBE, and T2E have a long undercarriage and an operating weight of 187,000 lbs (85,000 kg).

The JCM, KBC, KKK, and MNZ units have an operating weight of 182,600 lbs (83,000 kg).