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Caterpillar 416B Loader Backhoe

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Caterpillar Loader Backhoes
Caterpillar 416B 4x4
Caterpillar 416B 4x4
Caterpillar 416B 4x4 interior
The Caterpillar 416B loader backhoe was introduced in 1992 in England as the replacement for the Caterpillar 416. Production began in the USA a year later.

[edit] Features

The 416B has a Cat 3054 engine producing 74 flywheel horsepower (FWHP). It comes standard with a thermal starting aid, self-adjusting brakes, and modified hydraulics, which deliver fluid at a rate of 41 gallons (155 L) per minute (GPM) at a system pressure of 3,000 pounds per square inch (PSI) (20,684 kPa). The 416B also features a modified operator compartment.

The 416B was manufactured in England, with an 8SG serial number prefix, and in the USA, with a 8ZK prefix.

[edit] Modifications

Throughout its history, the Cat 416B has undergone a multitude of modifications.

In 1993 modifications were made to the seat slide rails, beginning with 8SG03615 and 8ZK00570. Backhoe buckets were strengthened and teeth were added, beginning with 8SG04653 and 8ZK01011.

In 1994 bolt-on cutting edges for GP buckets were made available, beginning with 8ZK01032. Caterpillar redesigned the MP bucket to increase capacity, beginning with 8SG04666 and 8ZK01336. Modifications were made to the boom nose and foot area, beginning with 8SG04716 and 8ZK01222. The loader bucket and self-leveler mechanism were redesigned, beginning with 8SG04830 and 8ZK01259. Universal lines became factory installed options instead of CMP attachments, beginning with 8SG05049 and 8ZK01353. The air conditioner refrigerant was changed to R134A, beginning with 8SG05327 and 8ZK01769.

In 1995 optional limited slip differential was added to the front axle, beginning with 8SG08246 and 8ZK03985.

Production ended in England in 1996.

The Caterpillar 416B was replaced by the Caterpillar 416C.

Based on data from the sales database of Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, it is estimated that more than 25,800 Caterpillar 416B loader backhoes have been produced.

Highest Serial #
8SG 14787
8ZK 11022
Total = 25,809


[edit] Caterpillar 416B specs *

• Dig depth ranges from 14’6” to 18’2”

• Loading height = 11’5” to 13’10”

• Bucket digging force= 11,693 lbs. to 12,057 lbs

• Stick digging force= 7,704 lbs to 5,631 lbs

• Overall transport height= 11’3”

• Bucket capacities range from standard to heady duty or 2.5 cubic feet to 11.5 cubic feet.

• Heaped capacity= 1 cubic yard

• Lift capacity at full height= 4,993 to 5,250 lbs

• Breakout force= 8,350 to 9,300 lbs

• Stabilizer spreads to 10’8 during operation

The hydraulic system of the Caterpillar 416B Backhoe is a closed center system which ensures appropriate amount of force at any speed of the engine during real time operations.

* Source:

Approximate Dimensions **

13,900 lb, 6311 kg

Max Length
22.4 ft, 6814 mm

Width to outside of tires
7 ft, 2146 mm

11.2 ft, 3423 mm

Power **

77 Gross HP, 74 Net HP

82 Gross HP, 79 Net HP

Travel Speed by Gear**

Standard power, full throttle, 16.9 x 24 rear tires (Forward and Reverse speeds are within 1/10th of a MPH so only the gear speed will be listed)

1st Gear
3.8 MPH, 6.2 Km/H

2nd Gear
7.1 MPH, 11.5 Km/H

3rd Gear
13.4 MPH, 21.7 Km/H

4th Gear
20.3 MPH, 32.7 Km/H

** This information comes from the Caterpillar User Manual for the 416B Loader