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Caterpillar 428/428 Series II Loader Backhoe

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Caterpillar 428
Caterpillar 428 4x4
Caterpillar 428 4x4 interior
The Caterpillar 428 loader backhoe was introduced in 1986. It was manufactured in England only.

[edit] Features

The 428 has a Perkins 4.236 engine producing 70 flywheel horsepower (FWHP). It comes standard with a four-speed power shuttle and load-sensing hydraulic system. The 428 was given a 6TC serial number prefix.

[edit] Modifications

Throughout its history, the Cat 428 has undergone a multitude of modifications.

In 1987 Caterpillar added a new exhaust pipe, beginning with 6TC00324. Modifications were made to the hydraulic control valves for backhoe swing, boom, stick, and loader lift, beginning with 6TC00465. The stabilizer inner tubes were strengthened at the shoe mounting pin, beginning with 6TC00465. Grease zerks were added in the backhoe bucket linkage, beginning with 6TC01011. The stick cylinder piston retaining bolt size was increased, beginning with 6TC01330. Grease zerks were added in the loader bucket linkage, beginning with 6TC01540. The fuel tanks were modified to include filler neck and pick-up tube screens, beginning with 6TC01617. Full width multi-purpose (MP) buckets were made available, beginning with 6TC01784. A new glass shape was introduced, beginning with 6TC02183.

In 1988 Cat modified the stabilizer lock valve for longer life and adjusted the swing system to increase torque and speed and eliminate wag, beginning with 6TC02261. Cat added larger stick and bucket cylinders, a new bucket linkage, and strengthened the stick and boom structures to improve digging forces, beginning with 6TC02694. The seat slides were improved, beginning with 6TC02941. All-wheel drive (AWD) gears were removed from all two-wheel drive (2WD) units, beginning with 6TC02945. A new work light arrangement for better roading and working was added, beginning with 6TC03268.

In 1989 a new cab style with wider fenders was introduced, beginning with 6TC04470.

In 1990 Caterpillar introduced 428 Series II, which included a tighter AWD turning radius, increased fuel tank capacity by 33 percent, larger hydraulic pump, and a turbocharged engine, beginning with 6TC06564.

In 1991 the previously standardized ether starting aid was made an optional feature, beginning with 6TC09154.

Production of 428/428 II ended in 1992.

The Caterpillar 428/428 II was replaced by Caterpillar 428B.

Based on data from the sales database of Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, it is estimated that more than 11,000 Caterpillar 428/428 Series II loader backhoes have been produced.

Highest Serial #
428 11022
Total = 11,022