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Caterpillar 446B Loader Backhoe

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Caterpillar 446B
Caterpillar 446B
The Caterpillar 446B loader backhoe was introduced in 1993 as the replacement for the Caterpillar 446. It was manufactured in the USA only.

[edit] Features

The 446B has a modified operator compartment and E-stick, as well as increased torque swing with new swing valves.

The 446B was given a 5BL serial number prefix.

[edit] Modifications

In 1994 Caterpillar changed the air conditioner refrigerant to R134A, beginning with 5BL00386. Hydraulic pump system pressure was increased to a fluid flow rate of 47 gallons (178 L) per minute (GPM) at a system pressure of 3,250 pounds per square inch (PSI) (22,408 kPa), beginning with 5BL00500.

In 1995 standard limited slip differential was added to the front axle, beginning with 5BL00724.

In 1997 Cat added a new Prestolite alternator, beginning with 5BL01657.

In 1999 a new air suspension seat was added, beginning with 5BL01943.

In 2000 a new autoshift transmission was added, beginning with 5BL02501. Stabilizer lock valves were added to prevent stabilizer drift, beginning with 5BL02585.

Based on data from the sales database of Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, it is estimated that more than 3,100 Caterpillar 446B loader backhoes have been produced.

Highest Serial #
5BL 03144
Total = 3,144