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Caterpillar 768C Wheel Dozer

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The Caterpillar 768C wheel dozer was introduced in 1978 as the replacement for the Caterpillar 768B. It was manufactured in the USA only.

[edit] Features

The 768C has a 3408 direct injection engine producing 450.6 horsepower (HP). It comes standard with supplemental steering and front wheel caliper disc brakes.

The 768C was given a 02X serial number prefix.

[edit] Modifications

In 1984 Caterpillar added separate transmission hydraulics, ICM transmission controls, and an electronic monitoring system, beginning with 02X00350.

In 1992 Cat added ECPC II (electronic programmable transmission control), spool valves for up/down, a torque converter lockup solenoid, tilt steer wheel, retractable seat belt, black out dash, and a single master brake cylinder, as well as increasing the heater/air conditioner capacity and decreasing interior noise, beginning with 02X00371.

In 1994 an 3508C engine was introduced, auto retarder became optional, and engine overspeed protection was added, beginning with 02X00379.

Caterpillar offered a certified rebuild program with this model. Units beginning with the following serial number run were certified rebuilds: 02X75000.

Production of 768C ended in 1994.

Based on data from the sales database of Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, it is estimated that more than 300 Caterpillar 768C Wheel Dozers have been produced.

Highest Serial #
02X 00326
Total = 326