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Caterpillar D4H Crawler Tractor

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Caterpillar Crawler Tractors
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Caterpillar D4H LGP Crawler Tractor
Caterpillar D4H LGP Crawler Tractor
The Caterpillar D4H crawler tractor was introduced in 1985. It was manufactured in Japan only.

[edit] Features

The D4H has a 3204 direct injection turbocharged, four-cylinder engine producing 90 flywheel horsepower (FWHP). It comes standard with multiple disc oil-cooled clutches and brakes, sealed and lubricated tracks (SALT), variable displacement load sensing hydraulics, and an elevated sprocket.

[edit] Configurations

It is available in two configurations: the standard model has a track gauge of 66 inches (168 cm); the Low Ground Pressure (LGP) configuration has a 78.7-inch (200-cm) track gauge. Both are available with direct drive six speeds forward, six reverse transmission or powershift three speeds forward, three reverse transmission.

Standard configuration, direct drive tractors have a 2AC serial number prefix.

Standard configuration, powershift tractors have an 8PB prefix.

LGP configuration, direct drive tractors have a 3AC prefix.

LGP configuration, powershift tractors have a 9DB prefix.

[edit] Modifications

In 1988, Caterpillar increased the dozer blade height and capacity on the standard configuration units, beginning with 2AC00555 and 8PB02279.

In 1989, Caterpillar cast sided the case mainframe and increased horsepower to 95 FWHP, beginning with 2AC00605, 3AC00695, 8PB03291, and 9DB01504.

In 1990, Caterpillar launched Series II, which included a multiple row module radiator, an extended rollover protection system canopy, rigid shear seals, power angle tilt (PAT) blade, and an increased singletree pin diameter, beginning with 2AC04000, 3AC04000, 8PB04000, and 9DB04000.

Production of the two LGP units (3AC and 9DB) ended in 1992. That same year, Caterpillar began manufacturing two new LGP tractors to replace them. The direct drive unit has a 4NK prefix; the powershift unit has a 9GJ prefix.

Caterpillar also began manufacturing a new extended track length unit, with an 8PJ prefix. It is a powershift tractor with a 70-inch (178-cm) track gauge and an eight percent longer roller frame.

All three new tractors come standard with a larger transmission, larger torque converter, increased operator visibility, increased fuel tank capacity, modified cab interior with contour series seat and fuel tank gauge, electronic monitoring system (EMS), and 105 FWHP.

Also in 1992, Caterpillar added some of the same features of the new tractors to the 2AC unit. It received a larger fuel tank, modified cab interior with contour series seat, and fuel tank gauge, beginning with 2AC05500.

In 1993, Caterpillar replaced R12 Freon with R134A refrigerant in the air conditioning system, beginning with 4NK00147, 8PJ00533, and 9GJ00945.

In 1994, Caterpillar installed a standardized heavy-duty sealed and lubricated track, beginning with 2AC05597, 4NK00164, and 9GJ01116.

Production of 2AC ended in 1995; 8PB ended the next year.

Based on data from the sales database of Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, it is estimated that more than 15,000 Caterpillar D4H crawler tractors have been produced.

Highest Serial #
2AC 00631 04150
3AC 00827 04175
4NK 00179
8PB 06399
8PJ 01639
9DB 02000 05046
9GJ 01979
Subtotal 13,654 1,371
Total = 15,205

* When Series II was released Caterpillar jumped the serial numbers to 04000. (Example: 04001 is actually only 1 tractor produced)