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Caterpillar D7R Crawler Tractor

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Caterpillar Crawler Tractors
Caterpillar D7R with S-Dozer
Caterpillar D7R XR with A-Dozer and Ripper
Caterpillar D7R cab with differential steer controls
The Caterpillar D7R crawler tractor was introduced in 1996 as the replacement for the D7H.

[edit] Features

The D7R has a 3306 direct injection turbo, six-cylinder engine available with either 230 or 240 flywheel horsepower (FWHP). It comes standard with powershift transmission, auto-kickdown, touch shift buttons, an advanced modular cooling system (AMOCS) radiator, improved operator station, new styling, a Caterpillar monitoring system, and ecology drains.

[edit] Configurations

It is available in two standard gauge configurations: the standard model has a track gauge of 78 inches (198 cm); the Low Ground Pressure (LGP) configuration has an 88-inch (224-cm) track gauge. Both gauge configurations are the same as the D7H. However, with the D7R, Caterpillar introduced the XR unit, which has the same track gauge as the standard configuration, but its track frame length is extended forward to give an addition by six inches (15 cm) of track on the ground.

Standard configuration powershift tractors with 230 FWHP were manufactured in the USA, with a 2EN or 2HR prefix, and in Japan, with a 5MR prefix. The 2EN and 5MR units had differential steering, while the 2HR unit was equipped with fingertip control.

LGP configuration powershift tractors with 240 FWHP were manufactured in the USA, with a 3DN or 9HM prefix, and in Japan, with a 4SR or 6ER prefix. The 3DN and 6ER had differential steering, while the 9HM and 4SR were equipped with fingertip control.

The lone XR unit with 230FWHP was manufactured in Japan only, with a 3ZR prefix. It was equipped with fingertip control.

[edit] Modifications

D7R production with the Cat 3176C engine producing 240 FWHP was introduced in 2000 with serial number prefix AEC. This new engine allowed Cat to meet new emission standards on a global basis. It was upgraded and designated as Series II in 2001 beginning with serial number AEC513

All USA production of the D7R ended in 2001.

The Cat D7R was replaced by the D7R Series II.

Based on data from the sales database of Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, it is estimated that more than 5,000 Caterpillar D7R crawler tractors have been produced.

Highest Serial #
3ZR 00722
4SR 00701
5MR 00435
6ER 00231
2EN 01289
2HR 00897
3DN 00385
9HM 00543
Total = 5,203