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1978 Caterpillar D8K Crawler Tractor - S Dozer, Cab, 8D MS Ripper
Caterpillar D8K with an S-Dozer and 8D Ripper
Caterpillar D8K with an S-Dozer and Cat 58 winch
The Caterpillar D8K crawler tractor was introduced in 1974. 

[edit] Features & Configurations

The model included one version with powershift transmission and another with direct drive. Both models were manufactured in the United States. The powershift model was also produced in Scotland from 1974 to 1982.

The D8K crawler tractor with powershift transmission was first manufactured in 1974 with final shipment of the model in 1982. USA production with direct drive began the following year, in 1975, and lasted until 1981.

Both models were built with a D342T engine and had 300 FWHP. Other key features of the D8K included a pinned equalizer bar suspension system, a pilot hydraulic implement system, SALT undercarriage, and combined steering and braking controls. The USA D8K-PS crawler tractors began with the serial number prefix 77V and the D8K-DD crawler tractors with the serial number prefix 76V. The power shift units manufactured in Scotland had a serial number prefix of 66V.

[edit] Modifications

Over the next few years, Caterpillar upgraded the D8K series crawler tractors with a number of new features. In 1975, the company added rollover protective canopies in compliance with new ROPS canopy standards. The D8K-PS with this new feature, were available beginning with serial number 77V04429 and the D8K-DD model with serial number 76V00487.

In 1976, Caterpillar upgraded the D8K with improved engine performance and a new torque converter. These upgrades were available in models starting with the serial number 77V05954.

By 1978, the company proceeded to add an electric service meter to both the DK-PS model under the serial number 66V04196 and the D8K-DD model under the serial number 76V00636.

In 1980, the company incorporated an aftercooler as standard to both units. The D8K-PS crawler tractor with this upgrade began with the serial number 77V15844 and the D8K-DD with the serial number 76V000832.

Eventually, the D8K was replaced by the D8L, of which production began in 1981. The D8L was a much larger tractor (go to and use the comparison tool for more details).

Until the introduction of the D8N in 1993, Caterpillar did not produce a machine in this size range. Many owners, however, continued to operate their D8K models, some by having the unit rebuilt in Caterpillar’s Certified Rebuild Program. Tractors processed through this program were given new serial number with the original prefix of 77V or 66V and a number beginning with 75000.

Based on data from the sales database of Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, it is estimated that more than 28,900 Caterpillar D8K crawler tractors have been produced.

Highest Serial #
66V 06309
76V 01024
77V 21649
Total = 28,982