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Champion Road Machinery Ltd., now a division of Volvo Construction Equipment, is an equipment source company for the maintenance of roads and buildings. Champion focuses primarily on motor graders and can trace its early beginnings back to 1875 when it was founded by Samuel Pennock.[1]

In all of North America, the company has the largest fleet of used motor graders and used sleepers, as well as compactors and pavers. The Volvo graders are said to be similar to the Champions in every respect except for the decals.[2]


[edit] History

Samuel Pennock and his family firm first became involved in the production of roadbuilding equipment in 1875. During this time, he came up with the idea of a scraper. He went on to invent and patent this idea, which became known as the first four-wheeled scraper. It was coined "the American Champion" in June 1877.

The Champion Winner Series was introduced in a little more than a decade after Pennock's start, in 1886. The series had a horsepower (hp) that came in pairs of two or four horses and was said to be able to do the work equivalent to 50 men.

By 1928, Champion started using motorized graders for the first time. Tractors were moved to the back and built in. Levers were located in the cab, where shafts and joints provided control.[3]

Other companies had toyed with the idea of a hydraulic model, but Champion was the first to develop a reliable system in 1936. It included such features as an enclosed cab, high arch frame, and increased horsepower. It also improved on the front-end geometry and Blade lift system|blade lift system.

Champion was determined to provide a tractor with better visibility and that came into fruition in 1939. It made extensive improvements on the cab, introduced tandems for easier control on traction, and introduced hydraulic steering and hydraulically controlled a 360-degree circle radiation and 90-degree blade lift.

[edit] Series I and II

The company launched the 700 Series I in 1975. The new grader technology was offered in a range of models with a choice of articulated or conventional frame. The series included 710, 715, 715A, 720A, 740, 740A and 760. In this line, Champion offered its buyers different choices of powertrain. This ended up proving very difficult for Champion in terms of parts and services.

Series 700 II was developed in 1984, with Cummins as the engines' providers.[4]

[edit] Series III and IV

In 1989, Series III included duramide bearings. Visibility of the grader was improved by sloping the rear cowl downward.

In October 1994, Series IV experienced big changes to the grader. It was also an important benchmark for Champion's introduction to the contractor market. The company produced hydraulic control levers on par with industry standards. The new line included Flexible high lift blade control systems and a fixed-point blade control system.

[edit] Series V and VI

Series V debuted in May 1997. Graders were upgraded from Series IV, with improvement geared towards remedying quality and reliability problems that customer's experienced with IV. New models were introduced: 730A VHP, 740A VHP, 750AVHP, 780 VHP. Hydraulic systems were also refurbished.

The Series VI included major changes, mostly to meet demands for more reliable AWD system. The AWD system was revised on models 716A VHP, 726A VHP, 736A VHP. Changes were also made to improve the blade control system, giving it a better blade mobility, as well as improvements to the cab (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning), with stereo system and optional hydraulic manifest cover.[5]

[edit] Name Changes

Pennock later renamed the family company the American Road Machinery Co. in 1889; its name was changed once again in 1915 to the Dominion Road Machinery Co. The company would endure yet another name change in 1977 as the Champion Road Machinery Ltd.[6]

[edit] The Company Today

Volvo Construction Equipment purchased Champion in 1997. The first Volvo motor graders were rolled out in 2001.[7] Champion remains a division of Volvo Construction Equipment.

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