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Mechanical Features and Designs

The chassis is a steel frame of a vehicle or piece of construction equipment. Mounted on the chassis are the engine, wheels, transmission, steering apparatus, brakes, suspension, and more.

Its primary role is to act as a support frame for the parts that it contains. Chassis are typically rectangular and made from steel and consist of bolts, springs, and axles, to which the major and minor components of a vehicle can be attached.[1]

The chassis is more than just a support frame; it accommodates all of the components of the vehicle or equipment in some way. The engine and axle produce movements that are absorbed by the chassis. When the wheels are accelerating or braking, the chassis receives the force of these actions and reduces the amount of stress on the vehicle by distributing it throughout the frame.

In modern car designs, the chassis frame and body have been configured as one and reinforced with braces to provide optimal support to the powertrain and all the other minor and significant components within. One of the biggest advantages in the modern design is that there is less structural damage inflicted on the internal components in the event of an accident.[2]

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