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A Selection of Four Woodworking Chisels
A chisel is a tool with a sharp beveled edge used for cutting, gouging, and shaping. They are used in a woodworking, metal working, and stone working and come various styles and designs for different types of tasks. The majority of chisels today are made out of steel for its strength and corrosion resistant properties. Smaller chisels are used in woodworking for doing fine detail work and larger, heavy-duty chisels are more commonly used in working with cold metals.

[edit] History

The first version of a chisel, made out of flint, appeared around 8,000 BCE. Archeological sites have yielded many different types of ancient chisels. These ancient chisels were used similarly to modern chisels—with a combination of a hammer or mallet to drive the chisel into the material being worked.[1]

[edit] Features/How it Works/Types

Chisels are divided into two classes: tang chisels and socket chisels. Tang chisels have a tang located on the end of the blade which fits inside the handle. A socket chisel is designed with its handle fitted in a socket, which is part of the blade. The handle is usually fitted in a socket that is also part of the blade. It may be rounded on the end to fit in a hand or have a flat end suitable to be hit with a mallet. Chisels can also be classified according to the function of work they are designed for such as paring, firmer, or framing work.

Paring chisels are used for light and fine detailed work without the assistance of a mallet. They come designed with a thin blade with the cutting edge formed by a bevel ground at an angle of 15 degrees.[2]

Firmer chisels have a larger blade than a paring chisel and a 20 degree blade angle. They are used for light to heavy work with the assistance of a mallet.[3]

Framing chisels feature a thicker blade and a bevel ground at an angle of 25 degrees. They are used mostly in rough carpentry work.[4]

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