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Christie Suspension

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Mechanical Features and Designs

Christie suspension is a type of suspension designed specifically for crawler tracks. It uses oversized rubber-rimmed road wheels, called bogeys, and then drapes the crawler tracks over top of them. The resulting shape of the tracks is similar to a banana as they droop onto the wheels after running over both the driving wheel and idler.

This type of suspension system offers convertible drive, which means the crawler tracks can be removed to achieve higher speeds, increased range, as well as to save the crawler tracks from wear and tear.

[edit] History

Christie suspension was designed by Walter Christie in the 1920s to provide tanks greater cross-country speed and a lower profile than was currently available. However, early models suffered from limited suspension capabilities. Initial designs offered inadequate vertical space for springs to be efficient. Christie’s solution was to add a bell crank, changing the direction of the spring from vertical to horizontal, which offered more range of motion, therefore increasing efficiency.

Christie attempted to gain support from United States companies, but they were not interested in his designs. Instead, many of his prototypes were sold to the Soviet Union who then adapted his technology to a number of their tanks.