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Claas Group is a manufacturer of agricultural equipment originally established in Westphalia, Germany by August Claas. The North American sector of the company focuses primarily on the distribution of Lexion combines and is named CLAAS of America Inc.—LEXION Combine Division. [1] These machines are sold through Claas’ joint venture with Caterpillar Inc. [2]


[edit] History

In 1913 August Claas took over the family straw binder construction and repair business. [3] When he was joined by his two brothers, the company moved to new headquarters in Harsewinkel and spent the next several decades developing new agricultural equipment such as jaw knotters, manure spreaders, straw balers, and combines. [4]

In 1948 the Claas constructed a foundry in Gütersloh-Blankenhagen, and by 1951 it had manufactured its 5,000th combine. [5] Production of these machines was booming, so in 1955 the company decided to specialize particularly in the development and production of pick-up balers and combines. [6]

Between the 1950s and 1980s, Claas produced hundreds of thousands of combines and developed several new versions of machines including the Matagor, the Senator, the Dominator, the Libertadora, the Jaguar 60 SF, and the Rollant 85. [7]

In 1980 Claas established a sales company in Britain. Just over a decade later, in 1991, a branch of the company, Claas-Fertigungstechnik, expanded into Beelen with its own factory; a year afterwards the company built the Technoparc visitor center. [8][9]

In 2001 the Harsewinkel facility was renovated, and by 2003 the company had produced its 400,000th combine, leading it to grow into the markets in Eastern Europe within the same year. [10]

[edit] The Company Today

With sales over €3.2 billion in 2008 alone, the company has pushed far beyond its early limits of Central Europe to now cover an international scope of clients. [11]

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