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Clyde Iron Works was established in Duluth, Minnesota, in 1889. Its first major product was the McGiffert log loader, which was introduced in 1902; its inventor became a company officer.&

Clyde Iron Works was owned by a succession of companies, including, but not limited to:

  • Barium Steel Corporation, as a subsidiary in 1944 (the Barium name was printed on and then blotted from records dated November 1955 and July 1956)
  • Republic Industrial Corporation, as a subsidiary from at least November 1958 into 1967
  • Vare Corporation, as a subsidiary as of 1968
  • A Microdot Company, as of March 1973
  • A unit of the Equipment Systems Division of Dombrico, Inc. as of July 1973
  • A unit of the Equipment Systems Division of Amca International Corporation, from at least January 1976 through at least June 1981
  • A unit of Amca International Corporation, as of June 1983.

Clyde is cited as Koehring-Clyde in an undated Caterpillar diesel engine applications brochure.

AMCA acquired Clyde Iron Works, and merged it with American Hoist to form AmClyde in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Clyde Iron Works' Duluth, MN facilities were sold to Milton M. Siegel & Co. in April 1987.

In 1989 AMCA sold the AmClyde business to AmClyde Management. AmClyde was a brand of National Oilwell Varco as of April 2008; this company also owned the remnants of Unit Crane & Shovel.

Whirley cranes, branded as Clyde-Wiley (Clyde Iron Works and Dayton Whirley Company/Wiley Whirley?), were used in building the second stage of the Grand Coulee Dam.

The Clyde Park market, hotel, sports and entertainment complex was constructed on the site of the former Clyde Iron Works facilities in Duluth in the early 2000s, and was open as of 2009.

There is no known relationship between this Clyde Iron Works and an identically named steel fabrication firm that was founded in 1786 and served the shipbuilding industry at Clydebridge, Scotland until 1978.

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