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2001 Mack MR688S COE 12x6 Concrete Pump Truck
The concrete pump truck is an essential piece of construction equipment for the modern age. Sites are cramped with materials and machinery, making the process of pouring concrete more and more difficult. Pumping is a preferred way of delivering concrete because of the ease with which it can be done. The truck can be parked near the edge or off the construction site and, using an extended boom pipeline, to pump concrete into the desired area.

A concrete pump truck is a self-propelled diesel-powered vehicle that comprises a lengthy boom to aid in reaching high or hard-to-reach areas. A concrete pump is also available as a trailer-mounted model.

These trucks are used in a wide variety of jobs, from slabs and medium high rise buildings, to large-volume commercial and industrial projects.[1] Pump trucks vary in size with boom lengths ranging from 56 to 200 feet (17 to 61 m).[2] The booms are available in three or four section models, with an unfolding height of only sixteen feet (4.9 m), or longer five-section models capable of extending more than 200 feet (61 m).[3]

These trucks can be single-axle vehicles with high maneuverability, suitable for confined areas providing great cost-performance value. Or they can be larger multi-axle rigs with more a powerful pump and longer reach, to be used on larger-scale projects.

Because of the great size of these trucks most can remain in one spot for the entire job while being utilized in various areas of the site, which allows ready-mix trucks to drive to one central area and dump their concrete into the large receiving hopper.

Manufacturers provide a variety of other features including chassis and pump size, boom configurations, remote control and outriggers. Especially in large pump projects, outriggers can aid in the necessary stability.


[edit] History

See also: Concrete Pump

Mounting a concrete pump on a self-propelled vehicle was the next logical step after trailer-mounted models. These heavy-duty trucks with large booms eliminated the need for a secondary vehicle to tow the often extremely heavy trailers.

[edit] Features/How it Works

See also: Concrete Pump

Pump types and processes vary between manufacturer and model.

[edit] Common Manufacturers

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2005 Mack RB688S T/A Concrete System Delivery Truck
1973 Mack 685S T/A Concrete Pump Truck W-Schwing KVM28-24 28 M

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