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Equipment and the Environment
refers to the clearance of forest stands and its under growth by either natural or human means, such as cutting or burning. As an oppositional practice to reforestation, the trees are removed without being replaced. The leading causes of deforestation are based  on economics and include the expansion of agricultural land, dams and other development projects, urban or residential building, logging and mining. A forest fire is typically the only natural cause of deforestation.

The practice of deforestation can have disastrous consequences on the environment—destroying natural habitats, contributing to animal and plant endangerment or extinction, and causing droughts. In fact, forests contain 60 percent of the Earth's biodiversity—and tropical plants are used to make 25 percent of the world's medicines.[1]  After humans, deforestation is the second principle cause of atmospheric carbon dioxide, a culprit of global warming.[2]

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