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Engart Inc. provides turnkey dust extraction solutions for coal-fired power plants, mining operations, and other heavy industrial applications. Applications include tripper rooms, crushing, screening and breaking operations, railcar dumpers, conveyor transfer stations, and other operations where fugitive dust is generated.

[edit] Engart Dust Extractor

Fugitive dust at these applications is captured with a containment hood, transported in ventilation ductwork, and removed from the exhaust air by the Engart dust extractor. Engart extractors use water to scrub the dust out of the air. Water is injected at the inlet end of the extractor just ahead of the impellor fan stage. The impellor fan creates airflow through the system. The captured dust and water are removed from the air by a knitmesh screen panel and discharged to a sump drain at the bottom of the equipment. Following the screen panel are demister louvers that remove any carryover water spray.

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