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FAMUR Group S.A. is a world-leading producer of technologically advanced machines and equipment for both underground and open-pit mining. The Group's core business is the production of automated longwall systems dedicated to operate under the toughest mining and geo-mining conditions.

Automation of hard-coal extraction
We specialise in complete automation of hard-coal extraction processes using the longwall mining method, as well as in designing and manufacturing supervising control systems for underground exploitation of coal from the face to mine surface. The Group's offer includes:

  • Longwall systems (shearer loaders, powered roof supports, power hydraulics, hydraulic control systems, armoured face conveyors, crushers, and gearboxes)
    * E-mine supervising control systems (IT infrastructure, diagnostic systems, monitoring systems and safety systems)
    * Transport systems (bulk-materials handling systems, underground transport for people and materials, and shaft equipment)

[edit] Products

Shearer loaders
FAMUR is a world-leading manufacturer of shearer loaders with over 50 years of experience. FAMUR longwall shearer loaders have electric or hydraulic drives for cutting and loading of coal and other minerals. They are designed to operate in seam heights from 1.2m to 6m.

Powered roof supports for longwall systems
FAZOS roof supports are designed to suit specific mining conditions and to meet the requirements of specific markets. Prior to delivery, each roof support is subject to respected loading tests by accredited labs. FAZOS manufactures roof supports for low, medium and high seams as well as special gateroad roof supports.

Armoured face conveyors, stage loaders and coal crushers
NOWOMAG armoured face conveyors are set to suit each type of shearer haulage system. The line pan width ranges from 700mm-1,200mm and is set depending on the longwall output, face length and height of the seam.

E-mine supervising control systems
FAMUR Group's e-mine is a computer monitoring systems detecting pre-emergency conditions as soon as they arise, minimising repairs and downtimes resulting from breakdowns. This supervising control system includes IT infrastructure, diagnostic systems, monitoring systems and safety systems.
The concept of an e-mine was developed by PCTG, FAMUR Group's research and development company. PCTG designs and implements innovative, universal and mutually compatible control, monitoring and diagnostic systems for use in machines manufactured by the FAMUR Group.

Men and material transportation systems
The Group produces conveyors used in both open-pit and underground mining, as well as suspended monorails and floor-mounted rail systems for underground use.

Bulk-material handling systems for open-pit mines
FAMUR Group designs and delivers complete bulk-material handling systems for use at open-pit mines, harbours or stockyards.

Stackers and loaders for mines
The FAMUR Group also supplies stackers and loaders, machines for mechanical preparation of raw mineral materials, and winding equipment, through PIOMA, another company in the group.

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