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FAYAT Marini is an Italian company that produces asphalt plants, asphalt recycling equipment, and cold mix plants. It is part of the French FAYAT Group.


[edit] History

Marini was founded in 1899 in Alfonsine, a municipality in the province of Ravenna, Italy. Initially, the company was focused on the production of bicycles, motorcycles, and motorbikes.

By the 1920s the company became involved in the industries of roadbuilding and road maintenance. It revamped its motors for use in road maintenance. During this period, the company also registered for a number of patents—33 by the end of the decade.[1]

The 1930s led the company into expansion into new markets, locally and abroad. Marini began developing its own technologies and designed a production plant for emulsion equipment. It also designed a small rotating dryer drum that included an internal flight system used to dry small chippings.

In the 1960s Marini began to produce asphalt plants that had a production capacity of 120 t/h. The following decade, the company started manufacturing chipping spreaders, paver finishers, and cold milling machines.

The 1980s brought the company’s development of the asphalt recycling travelplant. In 1988 Marini became part of the FAYAT Group, headquartered in Bordeaux, France.  FAYAT is the largest autonomous group in France's private and national construction sector, with business in the areas of building and public works, steelworks, electricity, electronics and IT, road equipment, material handling and hoisting equipment, and pressure vessels. As a result of the acquisition, Marini became known as FAYAT Marini.

By the 1990s FAYAT Marini had designed and patented the EMCC, a counterflow continuous mix asphalt plant.

[edit] The Company Today

Today, FAYAT Marini, still part of the FAYAT Group, is controlled by BOMAG, a company that was taken over by FAYAT in 2005. As one of the terms of the acquisition, BOMAG, a German company and the world's leading compaction manufacturer, became responsible for FAYAT's asphalt operations.

Currently has more than 350 employees. Approximately 70 of these employees are engineers who work in research and development, and technicians who provide technical assistance. More than 65 percent of the company’s internal staff is employed in the industrial production sector.

FAYAT Marini’s offices and main manufacturing facility are located in Alfonsine; in total, they span more than 150,000 m2.[2]

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