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The Flaman Group is comprised of companies that manufacture, sell, and rent agricultural equipment and trailers. The group also includes companies that sell fitness equipment and security products.


[edit] History

The Flaman seed was planted in 1959 when farmer Frank Flaman of Southey, Saskatchewan, bought a baler and swather. He began to rent out his equipment and contract his services to other farmers in the area. Later that year, Frank purchased 10 grain bins. He only needed four, but placed a larger order so he would qualify for dealer pricing. He sold the remaining bins and used the profits to purchase a second bulk order. Thus, the Flaman Group began.

[edit] Years of Expansion

Throughout the 1960s and ‘70s, the company grew as Frank continued to buy and resell products. He offered customers the option of trading in their old bins and other equipment or bartering as an alternative to paying cash. Flaman grew his product line by identifying upcoming trends in the industry and adapting his products accordingly.[1]

As Flaman’s company became known beyond the borders of the Southey area, it expanded to meet more customers’ needs. In the 1980s sales centers were established in Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Regina, and Yorkton, Saskatchewan, and Edmonton, Lethbridge, and Nisku, Alberta. Flaman’s three sons—Rudy, Don, and Steve—each began to manage of one of the Saskatchewan locations while Frank went to Alberta to more firmly establish his company.

The 1980s was also the decade during which the company’s product line expanded to include grain cleaning, handling, and storage products, as well as trailers and a variety of small implements.

[edit] Other Endeavors

While in previous decades Flaman had focused mainly on expansion, in the 1990s there was a shift to concentrating on diversification. During this time, Flaman established Flaman Rentals to allow customers the more affordable option of renting farm and grain equipment and trailers they only needed periodically.

This decade also saw the establishment of Flaman Fitness, which eventually grew to be Canada’s largest retailer of fitness equipment.[2] Further down the road, Flaman Security was established as a retailer of security products such as cameras and radios.

[edit] The Company Today

Combined, the companies in the Flaman Group employ more than 200 people. It owns and operates eight retail stores, and close to 100 Flaman Rental centers spanning western Canada as well as Montana, USA.[3]

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