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Fujian Ningde Nuclear Power Station

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The Ningde province of Fuji is currently undergoing a construction project that calls for the construction of four nuclear power reactors on three islands.

The Fujian Ningde nuclear power station aims to provide an environmentally friendly source of power while also boosting the economy of the province. Similar projects are also in the works for different coastal regions but have yet to be confirmed.

The US$7.1 billion construction project began in February 2008, funded by the China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group, Datang International Power Generation Co., and Fujian Coal Industry Group.

The first expected to be completed by the end of 2012, and the remaining three, by 2020. The completion of all four reactors will generate an estimated 30 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, according to the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).[1]

Nuclear power accounts for about two percent of China's energy source. The NDRC anticipates increasing this to four percent within the next 12 years.[2]


[edit] Construction History

Ningde is a port city in the northeast province of Fuji. Its abundance of water makes it a prime location for constructing nuclear power stations.[3]

The first stage of construction for the nuclear power station took place in late February, 2008 on three islands in the province of Fuji. Four nuclear reactors with a capacity of 1,000 megawatts are currently being constructed.

The project began with laying a cemented foundation for the first reactor on the coast of an unpopulated island called Fuding. The cement casing will provide a housing unit for the reactor that is currently being constructed. Upon completion, the power plant will contain four units generating one million kilowatts each. The cost will amount to about US$6.85 billion.

The plant will utilize an independent nuclear technology devised by the country’s experts. The CPR1000 technology will generate 75 percent localization with the first two plants and 85 percent for the third.

Qian Zhimim, chairman of China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group said:

“The cost for power generation at Ningde nuclear power plant will be lower because of the wide use of domestically-manufactured equipment…the foreseeable economic prospects will be very good, and each kilowatt hour of electricity will charge 0.37 yuan, much lower than the present rate for each kilowatt hour of electricity.”[4]

The vice premier, Zeng Peiyan, refers to the project as an important measure to produce clean, efficient, and reliable energy.

Zhang Guobao, the vice-minister of NDRC said the project will ease the use of nonrenewable energy sources and boost the economy.

China is the second largest consumer of energy in the world and the nuclear stations will provide a balanced source of energy. China currently has 11 nuclear reactors that contribute about 8,000 megawatts to the country.

[edit] Equipment Used

[edit] Refurbishment/Recent Projects/Renovations

Although it has yet to be confirmed, there are talks that China Guoadian Corp. will launch a nuclear power station project in Zhangzhou, a city on the coast of China.[5]

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