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Gradall Industries is an American manufacturer of hydraulic excavators based out of New Philadelphia, Ohio. Gradall excavators are aptly named due to their ability to grade all surfaces.[1] Gradall Excavators are best known for having a telescopic tilting boom, which allows the operator greater manoeuvrability over a traditional knuckleboom.[2]


[edit] History

[edit] Early Beginnings

Gradall Industries was started by two brothers, Ray and Koop Ferwerda, during World War II. At this time, many labourers were leaving their jobs for better pay in the military. The Ferwanda brothers owned a construction company specializing in highway construction and were having difficulty performing their duties due to the lack of available man power. This prompted the brothers to make a machine to replace lost men hours. In 1941, Ray and Koop invented the world's first hydraulic excavator; which was nothing more than a hydraulic boom mounted on a government surplus truck.[3]

The hydraulic excavator proved to be very effective. In 1944, the Ferwerda's reached an agreement with Warner & Swasey Co. to manufacture their unit. Good sales figures prompted Warner & Swasey Co. to acquire a second manufacturing plant in 1950. Around this time they also set-up Gradall as a division separate from the rest of the company. Gradall prospered throughout the rest of 1950's due to the societal movement to build a nationwide interstate highway system, which increased demand for their products.[4]

[edit] Ownership Changes

In 1980, Gradall was purchased by Bendix Corp. Three years later, Bendix sold the company to Allied Corp. Allied didn't own Gradall for long, they sold their share to a group of Gradall's executives promptly. In 1985, Gradall was once again purchased, this time by ICM Industries. In 1996, a New York Investment group-—Morgan, Lewis, Githens, and Ahn—took control of the company and took it public. In 1999, Gradall was acquired by JLG Industries. JLG owned Gradall until 2006, when they sold the company to the Alamo Group, an agricultural and right-of-way maintenance equipment manufacturer.[5]

[edit] The Company Today

Despite the multitude of ownership changes, Gradall's operations are based out of the same New Philadelphia, Ohio based factory they've been in since 1950.[6]

Gradall's is lead by President Mike Haberman.[7]

[edit] Equipment List

[edit] References

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