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Farm King 831 8 in. x 31 ft. Grain Auger
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A grain auger is an agricultural screw elevator with a long metal tube about six to 10 inches (15 to 25 cm) in diameter with an enclosed metal auger that is used to raise and transport grain from the ground to the top of grain bins or to load trucks from the grain bin. Grain augers can also be used to disperse feed from a wagon to cattle feeders on a farm.


[edit] History

Peter Pakosh, in the basement of his Toronto home, invented the first grain auger in 1945.[1] At the time, Pakosh was employed as a tool designer for Massey Harris. Pakosh was interested in hydraulics and its practical application to farm equipment. Wanting to transfer to the design department of Massey Harris, Pakosh was advised he would have to work first as a tracing draftsman for five years before even being considered. This incident motivated Pakosh to start designing farm equipment, a grain auger being his first attempt.[2]

Pakosh completed a prototype of a grain auger by 1946. The prototype was of a simple design lacking few moving parts, and an undercarriage or motor; it was therefore more likely to be able to be mass-produced fairly affordably.

2002 Sakundiak HD10X1600 Grain Auger
With no money to manufacture his grain auger, Pakosh approached executives at Massey Harris for assistance but they rejected his grain auger. Pakosh proceeded to go ahead on his own and registered a company under the name Hydraulic Engineering.[3] He purchased enough material to produce 10 more augers. Farmers in Western Canada were in the market for his augers. Though they were simply constructed, his grain augers were of superior quality and were less expensive than anything else on the market. He followed up production with another 50.[4]

An ad of Pakosh’s first grain auger highlights its low cost and features. Made of all steel the auger was 16 feet (4.8 m) long and had the capacity of handling “1,200 bushels per hour.”[5] The auger also came with a combination of attachments and was marketed as a multi-purpose unit that could act as a grain elevator on wheels, a portable grain elevator, a truck loader on wheels, and a commercial truck loader.
Pakosh, along with his brother-in-law Roy Robinson, a machinist, would go into business together acquiring a plant in Toronto in 1947 to manufacture grain augers. The first grain augers mass-produced ranged from 17 to 21 feet (5.1 to 6.3 m) long.[6]

In 1953, Pakosh and Robinson moved the plant to Winnipeg to be closer to the farming market. The first products produced at the plant were grain augers, sprayers, and self-propelled swathers  under the brand name Versatile.[7]

[edit] Features/How it Works

An auger is a tool that is usually known for having a long shank. In a grain auger, the shank is shaped like a screw that is driven by a pulley or gear at the top. As the shank turns, a process known as helical flighting or simply flighting inside of the tube moves the grain upwards and out of a chute that guides the grain into a grain bin or truck. The grain auger, mounted usually on one set of wheels, can be raised or lowered by a winch and is typically powered either by an electrical motor, a tractor's power take-off (PTO) system or an internal combustion engine attached directly onto the auger.

[edit] Hydraulic Grain Augers

The newest models of grain augers on the market today incorporate hydraulics such as the HYD-DR[8] grain auger produced by Bergen Industries in Saskatchewan. The HYD-DR 10.75 diameter grain auger has its own diesel power plant built with a fully self-contained hydraulic system. A hydraulic control also makes for more manageable flighting operations. Bergen Industries is also the manufacturer of the world’s largest 16-inch (41 cm) diameter grain auger.[9]

[edit] Common Manufacturers

[edit] Additional Photos

2002 Walinga 7614 Grain Vac
Kongskilde 500 Grain Vac
Convey Air 6006 Grain Vac
Handlair 560 5 in. Grain Vac
Convey-All 1822 18 in. x 20 ft. Grain Conveyor
Flexi-Coil 745 7 in. x 45 ft. Grain Auger
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Westfield MK80-61 Swing Auger
Feterl 10x72 10 in. x 70 ft. Swing Grain Auger
Bergen 6080 10 in. x 60 ft. Grain Auger
Highline 8510 Turbo 10 in. x 85 ft. Grain Conveyor
Brandt 1070 10 in. x 70 ft. Mechanical Swing Grain Auger

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