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Grouser Shoes

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Mechanical Features and Designs

Grouser shoes are the teeth on crawler tracks, which provide traction and grip to a continuous track vehicle. The best-known continuous track vehicle is the tank. Grousers are available in a number of different types depending on the application needed. Single grousers only have one tooth and are usually used for dozers. Double grousers have two teeth and are meant for use in loaders. Triple grousers have three teeth and are found on excavators.[1]

Most grousers are made of strips of hardened forged steel. This provides maximum durability and a long lifespan. However, there are certain applications for which steel strips are inappropriate. For instance, paving trucks use rubber grousers to avoid damaging fresh pavement. In mining, spiked grousers are used to navigate particularly rough terrain. In swampland, flat grousers are used to navigate the slippery terrain.[2]

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