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Hanson Clutch & Machinery Company, a manufacturer of small shovels and cranes, was founded in 1914 in Tiffin, Ohio.

In 1965 Hanson Clutch & Machinery Company was puchased by John O. Celusta and Louis DiSalle, brother to the Govenor of Ohio. Celusta, a graduate of Notre Dame university, hired engineers from the school. He then traveled to France to see new hydraulics and purchased the rights and became one of the first hydraulic crane manufacturers in North America. Annual sales went from $300,000 to $1.3 million. Due to a internal theft of cash flow, Celusta and DiSalle were forced to sell to Pettibone Mulliken.

Officially, Hanson was listed in Pettibone literature as a manufacturer of industrial and some truck hydraulic cranes. It became Pettibone Tiffin, and then the Tiffin Parts unit of Pettibone LLC’s operating group.

As of 2008, the company manufactures pallet jacks and compact forklifts for warehouse applications, rebuilds Pettibone hydraulic cranes, and sells and produces OEM and aftermarket parts for Pettibone and other machines.

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