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Hardi is a company headquartered in Denmark that specializes in the manufacture of pesticide sprayers for markets categorized by the company as industrial, general public, and agricultural. Hardi’s industrial products include spray guns and other equipment used to apply liquid, viscous, or powder pesticides; products for the general public are hand-operated sprayers used in gardens; and the agricultural line is comprised of field, orchard, and vineyard sprayers. Hardi’s products range in size from 0.4-gallon (1.5-L) compression sprayers to self-propelled sprayers with booms that measure 125 feet (38 m).[1]

The company, which has a global production and sales network, also places emphasis on the importance of the relationship between the farmer and dealer, and maintains a service organization for this purpose.[2]

According to Hardi, its “Plant Protection Products” are designed to maximize the level of pest control while leaving minimal residue levels in food products and minimizing environmental harm resulting from drift and run-off.[3]


[edit] History

[edit] The Early Years

Hardi was established in 1957 when a Danish gardener named Hartvig Jensen needed a sprayer and subsequently produced the one-cylinder Hardi pump.[4]

The following year, the company began to expand as a manufacturing plant was opened in Glostrup, Denmark. With an increased production capacity, Hardi began exporting sprayers to England in 1959 in addition to selling them within Denmark. The company’s export operations continued to grow with the sale of spraying products to farmers in various countries throughout Europe.

[edit] Multiple Acquisitions

Hardi continued to expand over the next several years through a string of acquisitions. Initiating this period of growth was the opening of a 53,820-square foot (5,000-m2) factory in Nørre Alslev, Denmark in 1971.

Various companies were taken over by Hardi throughout its history including French company Evrard, the acquisition of which led to the creation of Hardi’s France-based subsidiary Hardi-Evrard in 1987; Spanish company Ilemo in 1988; Cooper Pegler, a leader in hand-operated sprayers at the time, in 1995; and France’s Pommier in 1999.

Hardi itself was acquired in 1997 by a firm called Auriga Industries.

[edit] Gaining Ground

Hardi’s growth also resulted from the establishment of various manufacturing facilities and overseas offices, beginning with the opening of a new head office and manufacturing facility in Taastrup, Denmark in 1989.

In 1998 Hardi opened a production site in Australia in order to accommodate a growing customer base there.

In 2000 the company redesigned the layout of its Nørre Alslev factory. Fully assembled and tested sprayers began to come directly from this revamped site; by 2003 all the company’s Danish production would be localized in the Nørre Alslev facility.

In a move to more firmly establish itself in Europe, Hardi set up a sales organization based in Poland in 2004.

[edit] Joining Excel

In 2007 Hardi became part of Excel Industries, a manufacturer of spraying equipment based in France with a business reach that extends around the globe. Excel employs approximately 2,800 people and posted revenue of €446 million the year of the takeover.[5]

Excel Industries is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange.

[edit] The Company Today

Today Hardi remains under the ownership of Excel Industries.

Hardi maintains sales, production, and product development facilities in Denmark, France, Spain, Australia, and North America. Additionally, it has sales offices in Scandinavia, Germany, and Great Britain. The regions in which Hardi does not have sales offices are covered by a network of importers of the company’s products.

Hardi employs approximately 1,050 people worldwide, with just over half based in Denmark.[6]

Today, the company’s manufacturing facility in Nørre Alslev, Denmark is covers an area of 505,904 square feet (47,000 m2).

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[edit] References

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