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Haul truck is the term used in the mining industry and by mining manufacturers to describe heavy-duty dump trucks used for hauling heavy dirt, ore, and other materials. Haul trucks are used in a number of applications but are most common to the mining, aggregate, and road building industries. Performance advantanges of a haul truck are typically measured by its engine size, payload capacity, transmission type, and tire size.

[edit] How it Works

The basic design feature of a haul truck is the same across the board for all manufacturers. The process of loading and unloading involves the haul truck making two complete 180-degree turns per cycle.[1] When loading, a haul truck backs directly into the load. Once loaded, it travels to the site where the load is dumped. At the dump site, the haul truck turns around again and dumps the load. It then returns to the loading area and turns around again, ready to start another cycle. Another common characteristic of haul trucks is they must fully stop and then reverse into position for loading and unloading.

[edit] References

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