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Hydrauliska Industri AB (Hiab) is a Finnish manufacturer of loader cranes, truck-mounted forklifts, multi-lifts, and forestry and recycling cranes. Hiab employs approximately 4,400 people and has production plants in 10 countries, sales and representative offices in 32 countries, and independent importers and distributors in more than 100 countries.

Hiab is a subsidiary of Cargotec Corp., a supplier of cargo-handling solutions. Hydrauliska Industri AB eventually became better known by the acronym Hiab, which has become a synonym for loader cranes, regardless of brand. The company has been listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange since the summer of 2005 and reported net sales of EUR 931 million in 2007.[1]


[edit] History

[edit] Early Beginnings: Hydrauliska Industrie AB

Hiab is a name deeply entrenched in the history of the company and its productions. The company, from the time it was founded as Hydrauliska Industrie AB, has used the technology of hydraulics in its equipment and solutions. The Hiab product line has a history originating in the 1940s when a Swedish ski manufacturer invented a way to convert the power that comes from a truck’s engine into the power required to produce a lifting motion.

The invention by Eric Sundin prompted the founding of Hydrauliska Industri AB Co. in 1944.[2] Hydrauliska AB produced the world's first hydraulic truck-mounted loader crane in 1947. The company produced a series of these cranes under the name HIAB 190. Hiab has come a long way with its hydraulic truck-mounted cranes and today, its models can range in capacity from 0.8 to 80 tonne-meters, extending as far as 82 feet (25 m). [3]

Other well-known models include the HIAB XS 166, a machine featuring a clamshell bucket with the capacity to handle up to 1,764 pounds (800 kg). The HIAB XS 166 was best used for removing road materials such as asphalt. [4]

[edit] Multilift Oy and Partek Co.: Demountables

Also crucial to what is the present-day Hiab was the founding of Multilift Oy, a company based in Raisio, Finland that manufactures demountables. Established by three brothers—Mikko, Mauno, and Martti Tehro—the company produced and patented mechanical and cablelift demountables for trucks. Multilift was an instant success and became an international manufacturer, even expanding to serve a variety of transportation needs. Multilift also eventually used hydraulic technology, replacing the previously used mechanical power transmission on trucks.

The foundation of Mulitlift Oy prompted other manufacturers to adapt to its company structure and use of technology. One such company, Oy Nummi AB was a manufacturer of tipping hydraulics. Another, Finland-based Partek Co., evolved not only to include the construction industry, but also that of equipment loading and handling in a bid to become a more diverse and international company. Partek, which has roots dating back to 1898, was one of oldest industrial Finnish companies.

Previously dabbling in the production of limestone for the construction industry, it decided to take an engineering approach to the industry in 1977. This would play a large part in the shaping of Hiab later down the road, as Partek acquired Multilift Group in 1977, solidifying its stance as an equipment manufacturer of road transports and related solutions.[5] This marked two of the markets that would later characterize Hiab—cranes and demountables.

[edit] Hiab: Loader Cranes

When Partek acquired Mulitlift in 1977, it was manufacturing equipment for the first time, becoming a core purpose within Hiab Co. The Hiab loader cranes produced by Hydrauliska Industrie AB were acquired by Partek in 1985, expanding the equipment produced by Partek.

[edit] Jonsered and Loglift: Forestry Cranes

The third market into which Hiab endeavored was forestry. The company's expansion into this market was completed with the acquisition of Jonsered Cranes in 1985 and Loglift in 1988, bringing to the production line a series of forestry cranes and logging equipment.

[edit] LeeBur: More Demountables

Hiab expanded further with the acquisition of LeeBur in the 1990s. LeeBur, a Dutch manufacturer of demountables, not only added its already successful line of demountables to the Hiab product line, but also improved Hiab's portfolio and focused its direction on customer value, including the maintenance and other services of the equipment they produced. [6]

[edit] Zepro, Waltco, and More: Forklifts

The establishment of the fourth division of the Hiab group involved incorporating tail lifts and truck-mounted forklifts. This goal of Hiab's became realized shortly into the 21st century when Zepro and Waltco tail lifts became a part of Hiab’s growing company. Moving a step further, the fifth division was established with the introduction of truck-mounted forklifts -- specifically, the Irish Moffett, the Dutch Kooi, and the American Princeton Piggy Back. These additions improved the load-handling aspect of Hiab because the company now had the answer to off-road projects that required thinking outside the box. That answer came in the form of the off-road forklift, capable of handling materials when a truck could go no further.

[edit] Evolution as Hiab

Partek was acquired by Kone Corp. in 2002, which renamed the company and its five pillars Hiab in 2004. Kone became a subsidiary of Cargotec Corp. in 2005. As of 2006, Hiab has been complete in all five divisions, or pillars, of the Hiab brand, selling equipment and services throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. In addition, it acquired BG Crane, an Australian importer, in 2007. Cargotec previously owned 30 percent of the load-handling manufacturer. [7] Despite the many changes and additions to Hiab, its mission to be a fully-fledged services and manufacturing company, using the latest in technology, remains the company's main priority. [8]

[edit] The Company Today

Today, Hiab is closely aligned with its parent company, Cargotec, in providing load-handling solutions to the global market and continues to produce loader cranes, demountables, truck-mounted forklifts, tail lifts, and forestry and recycling cranes.

[edit] Equipment List

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