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Hitachi ZX270-3 Hydraulic Excavator

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Hitachi Hydraulic Excavators
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The Hitachi ZX270-3 hydraulic excavator has an Isuzu AI-4HK1X direct injection four-cylinder, turbocharged, intercooled diesel engine producing 188 net horsepower (HP). It has an operating weight of 27,300 pounds (12,383.1 kg). It comes standard with a hydraulic system with two variable displacement axial piston pumps, pilot controls, a revolving frame with welded sturdy box construction, and an independent cab.

The ZX270LC-3 (long carriage) unit has a track gauge of 102 inches (259 cm) with 32-in (80-cm) shoes. Its hydraulic system delivers fluid at a rate of 124.7 gallons (472 L) per minute at a system pressure of 4,980 lbs per square inch (PSI) (34,335.9 kPa).