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The Huber Manufacturing Company was founded in Marion, Ohio in 1854. The company's founder Edward Huber was also a principal in the Marion Steam Shovel Company.

Huber Manufacturing introduced a thresher in 1875, a steam traction engine in 1898, its first motor graders in the 1920s, a primitive hydraulic control in 1926, and the first Maintainer, a tractor-sized integral motor grader, in 1943. Other Huber products included wheel tractors, agricultural equipment, and three-wheel, tandem and pneumatic rollers; it is suspected that the pneumatic roller line was purchased from Browning Manufacturing Company of San Antonio, Texas, in the 1960s.

Huber acquired W. A. Riddell Corporation (Warco), who designed one of the earliest motor graders in 1921, in 1957 and became Huber-Warco Company. As of Mar 1964, construction machinery was being manufactured by the Huber Machinery Division of Huber-Warco Company, and the company eventually became Huber Corporation.

Huber-Warco’s Brazilian licensee was sold to Dresser Industries and became part of their Galion grader operations under the name H.W.B. Dresser, later HWB Jeffrey Division, Dresser Industries.

Huber was acquired by A-T-O, Inc. in 1977, who relocated it to Charleston, South Carolina; A-T-O became Figgie International. All Huber products except the M series Maintainers were discontinued in 1994, and the Huber division was sold to Enterprise Fabricators in 1994, who relocated it to Gallion, Ohio. Production ceased after 2002, and Enterprise Fabricators evidently ceased operations by November 2009. In March 2010, Huber Construction Products were listed in Iberia, Ohio, as producing motor graders, but this company’s website had been shut down the month before.

Huber has been acquired by Product Acquisition and Integration Services, LLC (PAIS). They are manufacturing an improved version of the 850-D in Valley City, ND.There is a web site,, with information on the company, parts and service contacts,and new machine availability.

The Edward Huber Memorial Association operates the Edward Huber Museum in Marion, Ohio; as of October 2010, it had no website.

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