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Impulse Turbine

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Mechanical Features and Designs

An impulse turbine is a turbine that runs entirely on impulse force. This means that the turbine is driven by high-powered jets of water or steam released from nozzles and directed onto blades, vanes, or buckets attached to the periphery of a wheel or rotor. The impulse created by the release of liquid spins the turbine and displaces kinetic energy from the fluid flow. Also, before the fluid actually reaches the turbine, the fluid’s pressure head is changed to a velocity head by speeding up the fluid flow through a nozzle. This eliminates the need for a pressure casement as is needed with a reaction turbine.[1]  The Pelton wheel is one type of turbine that exclusively works off the impulse concept. Impulse turbines are also commonly used in high head dams to generate electricity.[2]

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