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Based in Matsuyama-Shi, Ehime-Ken, Japan, Iseki Co. Ltd. manufactures and sells agricultural products for cultivating, planting, harvesting, and processing.


[edit] History

Iseki was founded in August 1926 in Aratama-Cho, Matsuyama-Shi, Ehime-Ken, Japan; it was originally called Iseki Farm Implement Trading Co.[1] Ten years later in April, the company was incorporated as Iseki & Co. Ltd. It was at this time that the company began producing rice hullers and automatic rice graders.

In May 1946 the company opened a new manufacturing plant in Yahsiro-Machi, Matsuyama-Shi, Ehime-Ken. Three years later, Iseki built a factory in Kengun-Machi, Kumamoto-Shi, Kumamoto-Ken. Around this time, the company was first listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

In 1967 Iseki began producing rice transplanters, combines, and binders. Using these machines in tandem with tractors, the company was able to mechanize an integrated system for rice cultivation.[2]

[edit] Reorganization and New Locations

February 1971 saw the establishment of N.V. Iseki Europe S.A. in Brussels, expanding the company’s reach beyond Japan’s borders. The following year, Iseki expanded its Matsuyama factory and relocated its head office.

The company relocated its engineering department to Tobe-Cho, Iyo-Gun, Ehime-Ken in October 1982.

In May 1993 Iseki moved its Tokyo headquarters to Nishi-Nippori, Arakawa-Ku, Tokyo.

In April 2001 Iseki separated its Matsuyama and Kumamoto factories and established Iseki-Kumamoto Mfg. and Iseki-Matsuyama Mfg. Co. Ltd. as affiliated companies.

The company entered the Chinese market in June 2003 when it established Iseki-Changzhou Mfg. Co. Ltd. in Jiangsu, China.

[edit] The Company Today

Iseki Co. Ltd. remains headquartered in Umaki-Cho, Matsuyama-Shi, Ehime-Ken, Japan. It has a distributor network that spans Europe, Australia, and Asia. Its subsidiaries are N.V. Iseki Europe S.A. in Belgium and Iseki-Changzhou Mfg. Co. Ltd. In addition, the Iseki has an affiliate, Iseki-Maschinen GmbH.

Iseki also works in collaboration with AGCO Corp. (USA), Tongyang Moolsan Co. Ltd. (Korea), Perkins Engines Co. Ltd. (U.K.), and P.T. Rutan Machinery Trading Co. (Indonesia).

As of March 31, 2008, the company’s paid-in capital was ¥22,784.75.[3]

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[edit] References

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