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JCB JS260XD Hydraulic Excavator

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JCB Hydraulic Excavators
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The JCB JS260XD hydraulic excavator has an Isuzu BB-6BGIT engine producing 197 net horsepower. It has an operating weight of 63,383 pounds (28,750 kg). It is designed for demolition applications—it has extra guarding, thicker structures, and additional protection from severe conditions. The JS260XD comes standard with a specially reinforced dipper for heavier loads, a reinforced central undercarriage belly guard, air conditioner, adjustable suspension seat, and a its cab is FOPS tested. Its hoses and pipes run along the inside of the undercarriage, but this unit is also available with an optional merged pump system, which allows for two-way flow for attachments.

The JS260XD has a track gauge of 102 inches (259 cm) with 23.6-inch (60-cm) shoes. It has a hydraulic system that delivers fluid at a rate of 89.6 gallons (339 L) per minute at a system pressure of 4,974.8 pounds per square inch (PSI) (34,300 kPa).