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JCB JZ140 Hydraulic Excavator

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JCB Hydraulic Excavators
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The JCB JZ140 hydraulic excavator has an Isuzu A4BGIT four-cylinder, turbocharged engine producing 98 net horsepower. It is a zero tail swing unit with an operating weight of 32,290 pounds (14,646 kg). It has an advanced management system with four work modes (auto, economy, precision and lifting), which controls all the machine’s major functions, sends alerts if there are any problems, and records operating data. The JZ140 comes standard with ergonomic controls, cushion control, a JCB Plexus oil filter, and adjustable AMS monitor, seat and joysticks.

The JZ140 has a track gauge of 78 inches (199 cm) with 20-inch (50-cm) shoes. It has a hydraulic system that delivers fluid at a rate of 32 gallons (124 L) per minute at a system pressure of 4,554 pounds per square inch (PSI) (31,398.7 kPa).