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John Deere 550J Crawler Tractor

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John Deere Crawler Tractors
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2006 John Deere 550J LGP Crawler Tractor
The John Deere 550J crawler tractor has a John Deere 4045 turbocharged, four-cylinder, wet-sleeve, diesel engine producing 80 or 84 horsepower (HP). It has a hydrostatic drive train and 60/40 weight distribution with a low center of gravity, long wheelbase, and high ground clearance. It comes standard with a cab-forward design to improve visibility, deluxe suspension armchair, an overhead instrument panel, including an electric monitor with diagnostic capabilities, and an ergonomically designed single lever for low-effort control steering. It also has separate hydraulic and hydrostatic reservoirs to eliminate contamination.

[edit] Configurations

The 550J is available in two configurations: the long track (LT) model has a track gauge of 61.2 inches (155 cm) with 18-inch (45.7 cm) shoes; the Low Ground Pressure (LGP) configuration has a 69.6-inch (175.3-cm) track gauge with 24-inch (61-cm) shoes.

The LT model has an operating weight of 17,013.1 pounds (7,717 kg).

The LGP model has an operating weight of 18,249.9 lbs (8,278 kg).