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John Deere 750J Crawler Tractor

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John Deere Crawler Tractors
John Deere 750J LGP
John Deere 750J LGP
The John Deere 750J crawler tractor has a 6068H turbocharged, after-cooled, six-cylinder, wet-sleeve, diesel engine producing 157 or 168 horsepower (HP). It has a hydrostatic drive train. It comes standard with a cab-forward design to improve visibility, a deluxe suspension armchair, an ergonomically correct joystick, fluid sample ports, remote drive system test ports, onboard diagnostic messaging, and an automatic hydraulically-drive fan to conserve power and fuel. It has separate hydraulic and hydrostatic reservoirs to prevent contamination.

The 750J has total machine control which allows you customize the decelerator mode and response, the forward/reverse ground speed ranges, steering modulation, FNR shift rate, and forward/reverse speed ratios.

This machine is available with inside-mount power-angle-tilt (PAT), and outside-mount straight (S) and semi-U (S-U) dozer blades. Also, the operator station can tilt 70 degrees for wide-open access to internal components.

[edit] Configurations

The 750J is available in four configurations: the standard and long track (LT) models have a track gauge of 74.4 inches (188 cm) with 22-inch (56 cm) shoes; the wide track (WT) and Low Ground Pressure (LGP) models have an 84-inch (213.4-cm) track gauge with 34-inch (86.4-cm) shoes. The standard and WT models have a track length on the ground of 102 in (259.2 cm); the LT and LGP both have a track length on the ground of 121.2 in (307.5 cm).

The standard model has an operating weight of 32585 pounds (14,778 kg)

The LT model has an operating weight of 34389.9 lbs (15,599 kg).

The WT model has an operating weight of 36425 lbs (16,519 kg).

The LGP model has an operating weight of 36725 lbs (16,655 kg).