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John Deere 950J Crawler Tractor

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John Deere Crawler Tractors
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The John Deere 950J crawler tractor has a Liebherr D 936-L A6, turbocharged, after-cooled, six-cylinder, 2.77-gallon (10.5 L), wet sleeve, Tier-3 certified, diesel engine producing 247 horsepower (HP). It has a hydrostatic drive train. It comes standard with power management, a deluxe seat, ergonomically correct joystick control, pilot controls, load sensing hydraulics, wide open service access, remote drive system test ports, onboard diagnostic messaging, double sealed final-drive to prevent its failure, and an automatic hydraulically-driven fan designed to conserve power and fuel. It also has an operator station (cab) that tilts to allow for access to internal components.

The 950J has total machine control which allows you customize the decelerator mode and response, the forward/reverse ground speed ranges, steering modulation, FNR shift rate, and forward/reverse speed ratios.

[edit] Configurations

The 950J is available in three configurations: the standard and waste handling (WH) units have a track gauge of 78 inches (198.1 cm) with 24-in (61-cm) shoes, and a track length on the ground of 117.6 in (299.7 cm); Low Ground Pressure (LGP) units have a track gauge of 86.4 in (218.4 cm) with 36-in (91.4-cm) shoes, and a track length on the ground of 130.8 in (331.6 cm).

The standard model has an operating weight of 56,361 lbs (25,565 kg).

The WH unit has an operating weight of 58,462 lbs (26,518 kg).

The LGP unit has an operating weight of 59,255 lbs (26,878 kg).