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K-Tec 1236SS
K-Tec Earthmovers Inc. is a Canadian company that manufactures earthmoving pull scapers for the construction equipment market.

K-Tec's pull-pan, ejector scrapers have been designed and engineered by earthmovers for earthmovers. K-Tec scrapers are the largest pull-pan in the world, achieving as much as 66 cubic yards of dirt with one construction power unit.


[edit] History

[edit] A Better Way...

"K-Tec Earthmover's founder Ken Rempel grew up on a rural farm and owned a construction and dirt moving company in the Red River Valley. After many hours of observing and assessing the production of many different scraper models, Ken was still not satisfied in the capabilities. They could not handle the tough conditions, which resulted in stress fractures, and often bogged down in the mud.

In the winter of 2000, the first K-Tec scraper was manufactured. After countless hours of field trials, and the addition of high-tensile steel, the design was refined into a robust, light-weight solution to dirt moving. Initial production facilities were built in 2003 to produce the first production run of scrapers to solve contractors earthmoving problems."[1]

[edit] Business Growth

"In 2006-07 K-Tec was gaining recognition in the construction equipment industry, by building scrapers that load faster, use less labour, and get better fuel efficiency. K-Tec began to form a dealer network to better serve customers across North America. K-Tec has won the "young entrepreneur of the year award", as well as numerous business awards for being one of the fastest growing and profitable companies in Canada."[2]

[edit] The Company Today

K-Tec scrapers can be seen working efficiently around the world, from Texas to Saudi Arabia to Australia. K-Tec earthmovers have been productive across all soil types, and have been helpful assets in mines, and other construction job sites. K-Tec Earthmovers moved into a brand new production facility in 2012. K-Tec has also instituted a Leadership Team, whereby strategic decisions are made by group consensus. "K-Tec believes in providing quality equipment to all customers and also understands that professional and prompt service is essential to maintaining customer satisfaction."[3] K-Tec Earthmovers Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company.

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