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Kato Works Co., Ltd.

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Kato Works Co., Ltd. is a Japanese manufacturer best known for their line of mobile cranes; although Kato also manufactures hydraulic excavators and industrial vacuums.[1]


[edit] History

Kato was founded in 1895 and incorporated in 1935. In the early days, Kato was a manufacturer of locomotives.[2] In 1938 Kato expanded its product line to include engines, tractors, road rollers, and cranes. Hydraulic excavators were added in 1967. In 1969 Kato unveiled the world's largest truck crane, the NK-750 Jumbo.[3]

Kato's modern product offering began to take shape in the 1980's. Kato started to sell mobile cranes in 1980, rough terrain cranes in 1987, and city cranes in 1991.[4]

[edit] The Company Today

Based out of Tokyo, Kato is traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange under the ticker number 6390. The chairman of the board is Masao Kato, and the president is Kimiyasu Kato.[5]

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